Campaign Templates for Each User Lifecycle Stage (Overview Table)

Most SaaS teams already know that email campaigns are a proven way to convert and retain more customers. But they struggle to figure out:

  • What should their email campaigns look like?
  • What subject lines actually generate opens?
  • What body copy will inspire users to take action?
  • How many emails should go in a single campaign? 2? 4? 10?

Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet that will work for every company, every time. Your customers, product, and business model are all unique. To be effective, the email campaigns you send should be unique, too!

We have good news for you, though: we’ve provided you with email templates for every type of campaign we recommend, across your entire customer lifecycle — from your first welcome email, all the way to engaging and retaining your long-term power users.

Each template is based on the best practices we’ve learned firsthand while growing our own SaaS products, and on the advice we’ve received from SaaS email experts like Joanna Wiebe, Val Geisler, Alli Blum, and many others.

Of course, what works for one business won’t work for every business — so we highly recommend that you tailor these templates to fit your product and customers.

That said, these are a great starting point if you’re simply trying to get your emails in place for the first time, or revise some stale campaigns you wrote two years ago and have been meaning to update.

We recommend to plan your campaigns alongside properties and events. Download these free worksheets to speed up the process.

Trial & Free Plan Campaign Templates

Campaign Name Goal Metric
Welcome & onboarding Help new user reach "Aha" moment New MRR
Product & sales nudges Demonstrate enough value for user to upgrade New MRR

New Customer Campaign Templates

Campaign Name Goal Metric
Newly upgraded Increase engagement with premium features Churn

New Repeat Customer Campaign Templates

Campaign Name Goal Metric
NPS survey Better understand customers' sentiment towards the product NPS score
Woo passives Increase engagement with premium features Churn
Win over detractors Reduce churn Churn
Promoter request for review & referral Increase new trials started by word of mouth New trials

Long-term Customer Campaign Templates

Campaign Name Goal Metric
Monthly-to-annual nudge Reduce churn Churn

Recently Churned Customer Campaign Templates

Campaign Name Goal Metric
Reactivation Win back recently-churned customers Churn

Campaign Templates Relevant Across Entire Customer Lifecycle

Campaign Name Goal Metric
Proactive support Reduce churn Churn
Usage & activity reports Reduce churn Churn

Campaign Templates for Failed Payment Recovery (Dunning)

Campaign Name Goal Metric
Upcoming payment Reduce churn Churn
Failed payment recovery Reduce churn Churn

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