List of Sub-Processors

We're using a number of sub-processors and service providers to run Userlist. We split them into three categories below, depending on the amount and types of data they process.

Application Infrastructure

We use these sub-processors to provide our core application. All of them store and process data about you and some of them also store and process data about your customers. 

Sub-Processor Purpose Privacy Policy
Heroku1 Hosting (backend) Privacy Policy
Netlify1 Hosting (frontend) Privacy Policy
AWS1 Hosting (assets) Privacy Policy
SparkPost1 Email delivery Privacy Policy
Payment processing Privacy Policy
AppSignal2 Monitoring Privacy Policy
Gravatar Globally recognized avatars Privacy Policy
Adobe Fonts (Typekit) Font hosting Privacy Policy
Help Scout3
Customer support Privacy Policy

1 We use these providers to store and process your customers' data on your behalf.
2 Our monitoring tools usually don't get in touch with your customers's data. However sometimes data might be processed to help with troubleshooting.
3 Our customer service tool doesn't get in touch with most of your customers' data unless it comes up in a conversation.


We use these services to host and run our own marketing and communication with you. They never get in touch with any of your customers' data, but may store and process data about you. 

Sub-Processor Purpose Privacy Policy
Hosting (website) Privacy Policy
Google Analytics
Analytics Privacy Policy
Analytics Privacy Policy
Email marketing Privacy Policy
Adobe Fonts (Typekit) Font hosting Privacy Policy
Perfect Audience
Retargeting ads
Privacy Policy
Appointment scheduling Privacy Policy

Internal Tools

These are internal tools we use to organize and communicate. We might keep data about you in there, but will never share any of your customers' data via those tools.

Sub-Processor Purpose Privacy Policy
Internal communication Privacy Policy
Project management
Privacy Policy
Project management Privacy Policy
Internal communication Privacy Policy
Google Drive
File sharing Privacy Policy

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