Using Multiple Languages in Your Campaigns (Localization)

If your product serves multiple markets, you might need to send messages in multiple languages within the same account.

The best way to approach this would be the following:

  1. Send a custom "language" property for each user.
  2. Create a segment for each language based on that
  3. Create multiple campaigns in each language, one per each segment.

It's also possible to have a single campaign, and then customize the body of each email using Liquid (e.g. case/when operator). It's not the perfect way though, as it will feel bulky, and it's going to be hard to customize email subject and preview text.

The same Liquid conditions can be used to customize your footer (we can give you a hand with that). You can also get creative with Snippets. Please keep in mind that your users will still see small parts of our English interface, e.g. on their Unsubscribe page.

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